Quality Policy

NGA PLAST realizes all the activities and aims to take a leading position in Turkey and maintain their services. It aims to complete all works with the same high quality by showing the best performance at all times in the fields where it operates, wherever and under any condition.


NGA PLAST has adopted to achieve its goals by establishing, implementing and maintaining an effective Quality Management System, adding value to the society and the environment, increasing its efficiency and ensuring customer satisfaction.


NGA PLAST believes that it can always do better and pushes the boundaries by using innovative and lean working techniques to achieve perfection. Knows that the road to perfection will be realized with a quality culture, ensures its sustainable growth.


Our Quality Principles;


  • Customer focus is our priority. We understand the demands and expectations of our customers and build long-term and trust-based relationships.


  • Our understanding of leadership records our gains from our experience and we create corporate memory.


  • Our qualified personnel and human resources are our most important value. Education is our indispensable. Our understanding of innovation is the result of continuous learning and the acquisition and sharing of information.


  • We constantly inspect the quality performance of our business partners, subcontractors and suppliers to comply with our quality targets, and work to achieve better.


  • We use our process management and strategic steps to manage all our interrelated activities. We determine the priorities for each project, share them with all relevant units, and monitor the performance of the processes.


  • We plan our work, we do not allow cost and time pressure on quality.


  • We identify potential risks and opportunities, and take the necessary actions to achieve our operational goals.


  • We evaluate the changes with all their effects and plan them again. We protect NGA PLAST assets and add value.


  • To increase the efficiency and sustainability of our system in accordance with the law, thanks to our continuous improvement and continuous improvement culture.


NGA PLAST Management provides its employees with all the resources required to achieve the highest level of operational efficiency by applying these principles and understanding a sustainable quality culture. NGA believes that in all projects bearing its signature, it will implement quality principles aiming excellence with the participation of all employees and carry it to the future by making continuous improvements.