Since 2009; by combining our experience in procurement and supply chain management that we have gained in construction infrastructure and superstructure projects under the roof of NGA PLAST company we established in 2020, it has started to exceed the expectations of our customers with the supply of construction, energy and sub-industry products in line with the principles of compliance with international standards. As NGA PLAST, our main goal is; to provide the products and services requested by our customers on time, at an affordable price and quality performance. NGA PLAST builds years of trust and cooperation with our customers by keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level, regardless of person or institution. It has made a name for itself as a shining star in the international arena, with its supply and logistics management that is growing with an increasing momentum, combining professionalism with its competent and friendly personnel who make a difference with its domestic and international turnkey logistics operations and take the operational load from our customers.